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Why it should be no surprise LeBron chose Miami

Posted on: July 9, 2010 1:53 am
Edited on: July 9, 2010 1:53 am
If the past few weeks have taught us anything it is that LeBron has to feel loved, adored, and surrounded by adulation.  If nobody happens to be pandering to him at the moment, he'll create a situation in which they will.  Which was always the big problem in Cleveland.  At any given time four entire fanbases were rooting for him and his team to fail.  The Celtics and Magic fans wanted LeBron to choke, to fail, so that the Cavs would become less of a threat, one of the many Eastern Conference also-rans.  Lakers fans had this same motivation, plus the desire for Kobe to remain on his pedestal as best player in the league.  Add in the fans of whatever team the Cavs were playing that night as well as all those who root for great players to fail simply because they are great, and at any given moment, there were a lot of people hoping for LeBron and his team to fail, trying to convince themselves that LeBron, and by extension the Cavs, weren't all that great.

The one time LeBron had absolutely everyone behind him and his team was as a member of the Redeem Team.  Sure there are the few American who root against the national team just to be contrary, but by and large every sports fan in America was rooting for LeBron to succeed.  It went way beyond just America though.  Fans from numerous European countries were more interested in traveling to see the Redeem Team than to bother seeing their own.  On numerous occasions, opposing players would approach Team USA members, LeBron included, and confess to being huge fans and ask for an autograph.  Can you imagine KG doing that.  "Oh LeBron, I'm so excited to meet you.  It's a real honor, I've watched all your YouTube clips and I'm just a huge fan.  Can I pretty please have your autograph so I can frame it and put it on my wall?"

Given what we now know about James' exceedingly fragile psyche and his desire to constantly be reassured that, yes people really do love him, is it any wonder that he chose to try to recreate the team everyone loved.  Unfortunately for him, he has only succeeded in creating the team that everyone (Heat fans' excluded) will hate and root for to fail.

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